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Sarah Henry - Interior Designer & Ceramicist

Victoria, BC, Canada

Bachelor of Interior Design and Bachelor of Arts Majoring in Fine Arts 

My drive and inspiration for my work comes from a love of working with my hands and wanting to inspire appreciation for functional objects and spaces.  I am greatly inspired by my roots in Saskatchewan and my summers in the Qu'Appelle Valley. It was there that I learned the value of growth and community. Both of these lessons fundamentally inspire the way I approach my work through appreciation for materials, texture, colour, nature, and people. My interests in art and design very much stem from this foundation as I continue to look for ways to implement these lessons into broader spaces.

I now live in Victoria, B.C., Canada and continue to work in both the pottery and interior design field. This island now feels like home and the boundless inspiration of the Pacific North West continues to seep into my work and permeate the walls of my backyard studio. I am endlessly finding new creative adventures within my practice and I couldn't love the dynamic opportunities of these two worlds more. 

Through my work I strive to:

  • create timeless spaces and objects that will be loved for a lifetime

  • respect the materials and innate circumstances in which I am working

  • creatively resolve issues and find existing opportunities

  • inspire appreciation for functional objects and spaces

  • create spaces and objects that myself and others feel proud to share

  • embrace my surrounding community to both support and be supported by other artists, makers, designers and creatives

  • blur the line between art and design; beauty and function

  • Never forget the magic of play!

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